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What are the benefits of Accounts Payable Automation?

Updated: August 29, 2016

Below we have categorized and summarized the benefits of Accounts Payable Automation. Whether your company processes 100 or 1000 invoices per month Accounts Payable Automation will benefit your company in many ways.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Move from a paper Accounts Payable process to an electronic process:

  • Eliminate time spent printing invoices received via email
  • Eliminate printing costs associated with printing emails
  • Eliminate time spent scanning invoices one at a time
  • Eliminate time spent filing paper invoices
  • Eliminate time spend finding or retrieving paper invoices
  • Eliminate time spent searching for lost or misplaced invoices
  • Eliminate storage costs and free up physical space used for filing paper invoices for the required time
  • Find any invoice or supplier related email in seconds

Numerical Example - Retrieving or finding paper invoices takes approximately 1 to 5 minutes compared to it only taking a few seconds to search for an electronic invoice with Ferret.

Move from manual data entry of Accounts Payable Invoices to Automated Data Entry

  • Eliminate time spent manually keying in invoice data
  • Eliminate data entry errors from manual keying mistakes
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to get invoice data into your Accounting System
  • Get invoice data to the decision makers quicker
  • Free up valuable time wasted doing manual data entry and spend that time on more productive tasks

Numerical Example - Data Entry Automation with ‘Ferret Drag It In’ can save over two thirds of the time previously spent entering data.

Move from a paper approvals process to an electronic process

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to approve invoices
  • Reduce the possibility of unpaid or overpaid invoices
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes managers to approve invoices
  • Managers get invoices quicker meaning they are more quickly aware if there is an issue or change required with an invoice
  • Reduce the bottleneck of approvals required at month end
  • Reduce time spent Coding invoices and line items
  • Complete transparency of the entire AP process and status
  • Peace of mind knowing all your information is securely filed and protected throughout the process
  • Formalised approvals process with rules in place for authorisation
  • Security and Audit compliance

Example – Before Ferret one of the most time consuming parts of the Accounts Payable process is managing/ tracking paper invoices – who has them, where are they, why haven’t they been signed etc. with Ferret this only takes one mouse click to assign an invoice to an Approver.


Moving to a Seamless Accounts Payable Process

  • Integration of GL codes, suppliers and data entry with your Accounting system ensures a seamless, productive process
  • Choosing the most cost effective option for Accounts Payable Automation ensures a strong cost/ benefit
  • Customizing the system to suit your unique process requirements ensures an easy transition into an automated Accounts Payable process

Example - Ferret integration can export the Accounts Payable information directly into your Accounting System. This eliminates time spent importing a file and ensures data is imported correctly.


If you would like to better understand what Accounts Payable Automation is, then visit this link – What is Accounts Payable Automation?

If you are interested in understanding your options for Accounts Payable Automation, contact – Leading Accounts Payable Automation Providers - Ferret Software.

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Our Customers

  • Nelson Airport fully automated with Ferret Software

    "Our AP processing has just moved from fully manual to fully automated with Ferret and has resulted in a streamlined, efficient process"

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  • Ferret is going like a Rocket!

    Ferret is going like a Rocket! We highly recommend Ferret for Accounts Payable Automation

    Commercial Manager at Red Stag Timber

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  • Carr and Haslam Limited

    We are very happy with Ferret, no issues, find everything we want and its easy. We like it, love it and it does a great job.

    Chris Carr

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  • User Story - Managing Export Shipping Documentation at Tenon

    Manufacturing Giant Tenon manage over 5000 new Export Shipping Paper Documents each month. They were looking for a way to streamline this business process and found that Ferret Document Management System was a great fit.

    View the video on YouTube - click here

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  • Southern Cross

    “Today, we’ve halved the processing time per invoice and expect this to reduce further as we refine the import process and expand its use across other processes.”

    Dreeson Andrew, Financial Controller at Southern Cross Health Society

    Read full case study
  • Southern Cross

    “Today, we’ve halved the processing time per invoice and expect this to reduce further as we refine the import process and expand its use across other processes.”

    Dreeson Andrew, Financial Controller at Southern Cross Health Society

    Read full case study
  • Tenon

    “Ferret Software is user friendly and simple, implementation is completed without huge time effort, and the support team are always readily available to support with full knowledge in the product.”

    IT Manager Tenon Manufacturing Ltd.

    Read full case study
  • Tenon

    “Ferret Software is user friendly and simple, implementation is completed without huge time effort, and the support team are always readily available to support with full knowledge in the product.”

    IT Manager Tenon Manufacturing Ltd.

    Read full case study
  • Whittaker’s

    Our factory generates a lot of paper records every day and traceability is very important to us. Ferret has enabled us to store all our files in a systematic order and we are able to access records whenever we want them.

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    “Ferret AP Approvals System achieved our goal to be as efficient as possible in the Admin area. As Ferret has a sync the two systems are able to talk to each other. If an Auto.I.T EQUIP user is finding they have a bottleneck in their AP process I would recommend that they look…

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  • John Rae Insurance

    "It's been a great way to store documentation electronically in a systematic and orderly manner. We like the way you can link accounts, input notes and search for clients and documents. "

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  • Bain & Associates

    “Ferret is the missing link where all emails and documents are stored in one place and it actually doesn’t matter where they are kept.  They can always be found."

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  • Fish & Game

    “Ferret totally improved our ability to get our hands on information, saves us a lot of time, and we just love it. It’s easy to operate, Brilliant!"

    Cheryl Mason - Fish & Game Southland

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  • Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd

    "Our office has been transformed, time use is so much better."

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  • Real Landlord Insurance

    As a boutique insurance brokerage, space is limited in our office and having everyone being able to access information became imperative as our team grows. Investing in the Ferret Software has given us a lunch room and so much more…

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  • Secret Ballot: Staff Vote Ferret As Best Thing To Happen In 2012

    Staff unanimously voted the implementation of Ferret Software as the best thing to happen in 2012. Each year Matt Jensen Insurance hold a secret ballot where all staff rank the top things that happened during the year. Included in the list are business changes (good or bad)…

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  • Baileys Insurance

    Auckland based company, Baileys Insurance, had all 13 staff members up and running on Ferret Document Management System in only one day. The bulk scanning process was described as “a piece of cake” and they have not needed to refer to paper documents since the install.… Read full case study

  • Colliers Save Time with Ferret Document Management System

    “Once our staff changed their mind-set and realised that paper was no longer required, the Ferret system become liberating. We just wish we had installed it five years ago!”

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  • Hurford Parker

    Ferret Software spoke to Hurford Parker Insurance in Hastings about how implementing Ferret Document Management System improved their bottom-line. They initially purchased Ferret to improve their overall system and processes and to improve the delivery of insurance broking…

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  • FMR Risk

    The February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake proved to be New Zealand's deadliest peacetime disaster. Ferret Software interviewed insurance broker customer, FMR Risk about the effects of the Earthquakes on their business, and the role of Ferret Document Management Software.

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  • HEB Construction Ltd

    "The invoices are quicker in reaching the Project Mangers. We are able to be aware sooner if an invoice has been charged to the wrong Job. If I need an invoice returned promptly, it is only a matter of contacting the Project Manager and is a lot quicker than having it signed…

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  • Wallace Corporation

    We use ScanWatcher to scan all Accounts Payable invoices and shipping documentation, and link them to our ERP system. Users now get access to these documents electronically and no longer have to search through paper based filing systems meaning they spend less time searching…

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  • ACM Ahlers Insurance Professionals

    "What is most impressive for me in terms of the Ferret software it the ease of coding and storage of documents from the variety of platforms we use. Then of course it is equally important to be able to “find” what you need when you need it. Ferret has over the last few years…

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  • Easdale Surveyors

    "One great feature is the ability to save emails to jobs. E-mail correspondence is huge for each surveying job and with Ferret the organization of these is simple and jobs are separate"

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  • Port of Tauranga

    "We have used Ferret's ScanWatcher software for over 5 years and find it fantastic. It makes the scanning of documentation a breeze and interfaces really easily with our other systems."

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  • Airey Consultants Ltd.

    "All relevant e-mails are now saved to each job or client directly from each staff’s Outlook, along with electronic scans of all paper documents and any other electronic document such as Word, Excel, and PDF. Essentially staff are able to find any document they need, when they…

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  • MOTAT - Ferret AP Approval Case Study

    MOTAT is New Zealand's largest transport, technology and social history museum and process around 600 accounts payable invoices per month. Ferret’s Accounts Payable Approvals System was implemented instantly and fully replaced our invoice tracking process after only one month.…

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  • Star Underwriting Agents

    Star Underwriting Agents is New Zealand’s largest and leading specialist Motorcycle insurance agency, insuring the largest number of motorcycles in New Zealand and continuing to grow. Using Ferret Software as our centralized electronic document archiving system we are able to…

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